Understanding power for effective leadership

We cannot fully comprehend leadership without discussing power. The word 'power' itself can be unsettling for many, as it is often associated with negativity and feelings of…

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CHOC PyschoSocial team dares to lead

Lumminos is deeply proud to share it's pro-bono association with the Childhood Cancer Foundation SA (CHOC). CHOC is a non-profit organisation that advocates for the health and…

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Success at first ever Re-Source Yourself Retreat

In October 2023, Lumminos hosted its very first Re-Source Yourself Retreat. A carefully selected group of 20 diverse women from across African borders, professions and backgrounds…

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PODCAST – No way home with Julia Kerr Henkel

Remember that game where you had to pick an object to bring with you if you were to be stranded on a deserted island? With no way home, and in the middle of a worldwide pandemic,…

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Don’t miss the mark on empathy, says Julia Kerr Henkel, MD of Lumminos

We all tend to think of ourselves, perhaps somewhat generously, as being empathetic – maybe even great listeners. But are you really? What does it take to be truly empathetic, and…

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Why is strong EQ and SQ so important in the workplace?

Emotional quotient (EQ) is the capability of individuals to recognise their own emotions and those of others, to be able to discern between different feelings and label them…

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5C’s That Pave the Way to Clarity, Delegation and Strategic Decision Making

Have you ever found yourself in a team meeting or taking a brief from a client and you notice you’re struggling to get to the core of the request? Perhaps an issue has arisen that…

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How to create meaningful and lasting change in your team

I once saw a cartoon of a leader standing at the front of a large auditorium addressing his staff. He posed one question: Who here wants change? All hands in the packed audience…

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PODCAST – Dealing with Shame

Dealing with Shame with Julia Kerr Henkel.

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Is it the thief of time? Understanding why you procrastinate

The tendency to procrastinate is a problem for many people. The solution to overcome procrastination can be simple and with practice, the method can become second nature.

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