Our Offering

What we're focusing on in 2023

Considering our world, businesses and households are in an uncomfortable state of flux, we’ve streamlined our offerings to provide you with hope, courage and the necessary skills and support you need most to thrive in 2023.


If you are after some inspiration and practical takeaways look into one of our 3 keynotes:

1. Calling All to Courage: Drawing on all you’ve got for times like these – Download Flyer
2. Returning Home: From Bali to Bryanston – A South African’s lessons of resilience after being locked out during lockdown – Download Flyer

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Dare to Lead™ courage building programs

Any one of our online sessions, in person workshops or modules can stand alone or be built into your existing leadership development programs. Designed to build practical, measurable skills for your work, team and life, covering the daring leadership and practical courage building skillset of Dare to Lead™ based on the empirical research of Brené Brown. Lumminos’ MD, Julia Kerr Henkel, was taught by Brené in 2019 and she is part of a small global community of Certified Dare to Lead Facilitators accredited to facilitate this curriculum.

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Team coaching and cohesion

Working with your team to assist you to identify what’s not working and to skilfully learn the behaviours needed to create a courageous, inclusive culture where all feel safe enough to have tough conversations and to repair any cracks which have appeared due to strained interpersonal dynamics, complex layers of uncertainty and changes in your business and ways of working.

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Connection in spite of separation

Using the Enneagram system our programs are designed to increase tolerance for diversity and to build individual and team self-awareness, accountability and interpersonal strategies so you can pull together rather than apart during times of high pressure, virtual and social distancing.

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Individual coaching

Whether you’re a corporate executive, professional, entrepreneur or private individual, our one-to-one coaching programs (virtual or in person) are specifically designed to give you a non-judgemental place to
question, vent, sense-make and practice new skills and strategies based on your objectives, desired outcomes and timeframe.

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