Lumminos is deeply proud to share it’s pro-bono association with the Childhood Cancer Foundation SA (CHOC). CHOC is a non-profit organisation that advocates for the health and well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders and their families. Lumminos enjoys the privilege of partnering with the passionate and dedicated psycho-social leadership team who aim to save lives through early detection and comprehensive support programmes for the families affected by cancer.

CHOC offers psychosocial, emotional and practical support and augments the different medical fraternities within hospitals and oncology wards across the country.

Wow! If ever a team required love, empathy, care, connection, support and skills in return for their amazing work – this was it! It is an ongoing honour to be able to train this team on the courage-building skillset of Dare to Lead, the ground breaking leadership and life curriculum based on the research of Dr Brene Brown. “THANK YOU Julia! Thank you for your heartfelt investment in our team, your leadership and courage skills sharing, expertise, energy and for holding the space for us. It is deeply appreciated by all here at CHOC.” – The psychosocial management team – Alta Bence, Lawrence Mbuyane and TK Modiakgotla