This March I attended Dr Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead Certified Facilitator training in San Antonio. We reflected on the 7 behaviors that help us foster more trust in our relationships with others. Summed up in her acronym BRAVING these are:

1. Boundaries
2. Reliability
3. Accountability
4. Vault
5. Integrity
6. Non-judgement
7. Generosity

The famous “they” say you should never meet your idols because by placing them on such high pedestals they can only fall and disappoint you. That has NOT been the case in meeting and working with Brené Brown this past week. What you see on Ted (and Oprah and soon to be Netflix) and read about her in her books …is who she is – a global thought leader, an authentic public figure and a thoroughly real, decent, available, humorous and connected woman and mother.

This training was like a mentorship – in the work and concepts being taught and how to present them and every bit about how we as people show up when we share and present them. (Healer know thy self and to thyself and the people you serve be true.)

I can’t wait to share my experiences and learnings with you all. I have a million ideas on how best to do this and would love yours too.