Dare to Lead™ Certified Public Training Program

Courage is contagious. To scale daring leadership and build courage in teams, organisations, communities, homes and schools, we need to develop the skills to cultivate cultures in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation, and armour is not necessary or rewarded.

About the Dare to Lead™ Public Program

Brought to you by Lumminos and based on the research of Dr Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program designed to be run in organisations and communities for anyone who wants to be braver with their work, relationships and life. A leader is defined as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential. Whether you lead, manage or simply work in a corporate team, run a business, school, NGO or household, this program is of relevance and a game-changer for all people at all levels.

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10-12 February 2020

City: Cape Town, South Africa
Dates: 10-12 February 2020
Venue: Old Mutual House, 33 Klaasens Road, Bishops Court, Cape Town, 7708
Daily Timing: 8am – 5pm
Investment: R12,000 incl VAT


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Why attend this now?

Over a 7-year period Brené Brown and her research team ran a study into the future of leadership globally. The study interviewed 150 global C-suite level executives and asked one question: “What, if anything, about the way people are leading today needs to change in order for people to be successful in a complex, rapidly changing environment where we’re faced with seemingly intractable challenges and an insatiable demand for innovation?”. One clear answer was revealed: We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures.

The research proved that the greatest barrier to courageous leadership today is not fear but rather armour which is any number of behaviours and attitudes people adopt in and outside of the workplace to avoid feeling vulnerable – that feeling we all experience when faced with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.

We’re living, leading and parenting in extraordinary, vulnerable-making times and are constantly bumping up against uncertainty, anxiety and questions of our own relevance – do we have what it takes to sustain this pace, to be future fit and ready? Understanding that courage has a little to do with heroism and a lot to do with being brave and afraid at the same time is key to tackling some of the challenges we face. Courage is what the world, our businesses and our country need more of because it is contagious and significantly, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, it is also a skills set which can be learned by anyone.

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What does the program cover?

This 3-day program focuses on the four teachable, observable, and measurable skills set of courage:

  1. Rumbling with Vulnerability: Facing risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure with courage and clarity.
  2. Living into our Values: Identifying, operationalizing, and practicing the beliefs and behaviours that we hold most important.
  3. BRAVING Trust: Creating or deepening connections in relationships, both professional and personal, based on the seven elements of trust.
  4. Learning to Rise: Learning and growing from the failures, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable when we are brave with our lives, our work and our relationships.

Who should attend:

  • All industries (for and non-profit) – leaders, managers, supervisors and decision makers; HR, Learning, Development & OD Practitioners; Business Owners; Professional & Life Coaches; Mental Health/Wellness Practitioners; Educators, teachers/administrators
  • Anyone who wants to be braver with their life, work and relationships
  • If you have a team or company wanting to learn these future-fit skills together please contact julia@lumminos.co.za to organise an in-house bespoke program

What does it mean to be a courageous leader / human?

400,000 pieces of research data has shown that people who choose to be courageous are:

  • Self-aware
  • Self-compassionate
  • Able to manage uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure
  • Skilled at going to and staying in hard conversations without becoming aggressive or tapping out
  • Actually having brave, tough and yet productive conversations not avoiding them
  • Brave enough to voice new ideas and approaches
  • Able to tell the truth in a way that’s kind and clear
  • Speak to people rather than about them
  • Willing and able to give and receive engaging, corrective feedback especially when it’s hard to hear
  • Able to hold themselves and others accountable
  • Know their core values and supporting behaviours
  • Know how to build trust and lead with authenticity, empathy and connection
  • Able to make hard decisions and take smart risks that lead to innovation and growth
  • Resilient – they reset quickly after disappointments, failures and setbacks
  • Believing in themselves and see rest and recovery as key to their self-worth

If you want to develop any of the above future-fit skills, register here, seats are limited to 20 people per training…

Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, and most recently completed a seven-year study on courageous leadership. She is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, and Dare to Lead, which also debuted at #1 on The Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly list and South Africa’s Exclusives Books Bestseller list.

Her two TED Talks – The Power of Vulnerability and Listening to Shame – have over 40 million views and the first is rated the 4th most viewed clip on TED.

In April 2019, Netflix launched a global special feature entitled: "Brené Brown: A Call to Courage" - watch it!

What’s included in this program:

  • Delivery of the full curriculum by Julia Kerr Henkel, a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, ICF-PCC-level coach and Managing Director of Lumminos *
  • Group exercises, dialogue and activities, short videos and private self-reflection
  • Dare to Lead™ Workbook
  • Dare to Lead™ Trained Certificate
  • Dare to Lead™ Trained LinkedIn Badge
  • Courage Swag
  • Catering, refreshments and secure parking

For more information, contact:

julia@lumminos.co.za / 083 602 1425

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 3 days is a big commitment, but then so is leadership and life. We have intentionally designed the program so people have time to process, connect, reflect and have mindful time alone and in the group throughout the program. There’s a lot to cover and to learn and it’s important to not feel rushed. Besides, what’s three days really if it improves the quality of your life?

  1. Understanding why vulnerability (uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure) is the foundational skill set of courage and a necessary skills set for future-fitness
  2. Understanding the critical role that self-awareness plays in daring leadership.
  1. Understanding that it’s armour – not fear – that is the greatest obstacle to daring leadership and learning the behaviours of Daring versus Armoured Leaders
  1. Identifying the four skill sets that make up courage: rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, BRAVING trust, and learning to rise.
  1. Learn how values operate in our professional and personal lives and the role these behaviours play in the demonstration of integrity and daring leadership.
  1. Recognizing what vulnerability is not and how it is the birthplace of many of the behaviours that define daring leadership including creativity, innovation, accountability, and difficult conversations.
  2. Recognizing that daring leadership requires showing up for hard conversations and rumbles, including giving and receiving feedback.
  3. Identifying different ways shame can show up in organizations.
  4. Recognizing the components of empathy and common barriers to empathy that can interfere with meaningful connection.
  5. Naming my values and identifying the behaviours that support those values.
  6. Talking about trust as observable behaviours using the BRAVING acronym.
  7. Understanding how recognizing emotion plays a key role in the resilience skill set of learning to rise.
  8. Recognizing that making up stories in the absence of data drives unproductive behaviour
  9. Integrating key learnings into professional and personal life

Some pre-work will be set ahead of the training including submitting a short motivation as to why you’d like to attend the program and watching a few short video clips. It is highly recommended that you read the Dare to Lead book but it’s not compulsory to do so.

  • You will receive a hardcopy workbook for your own note taking, so please bring your own pen and writing materials. Please no laptops or large tablets on the tables as they distract from the learning experience.
  • Please dress comfortably and bring a jacket, cardigan or a wrap as it can get cold in conference rooms.
  • And most importantly – bring an open heart and a willing spirit… you’re choosing courage over comfort in this program.

Lumminos’ chosen training venue will supply coffee/tea, waters and refreshments throughout the day. Our venue will supply delicious catering and will endeavour to cater for dietary requirements where we can. If you have a very strict diet or allergies it would be wise to bring your own snacks and food just in case.

Due to the challenges of organising events like these, we are not able offer a full refund once you have booked your seat is. Lumminos will provide a 50% refund up to 1 week prior to the event. We will also allow you to transfer your ticket to another member of your team, community or family.

  • You will receive a badge that certifies you as Dare to Lead™ Trained. This means you can use this skill set with your teams and colleagues. It does not authorise you to run Dare to Lead™ training for your organisation. Only a Certified DTL Facilitator is authorised to conduct this training at the permission of Dr Brené Brown and BBEARG (Brené Brown Education & Research Group).
  • Certified facilitators are authorized to issue “Dare to Lead™ Trained” certificates to individuals who successfully complete the full 3-day training.

Brené Brown will not be facilitating this workshop; use of her research, curriculum materials and videos will be included.

Only Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators (“CDTLF”) may facilitate the training of the Dare to Lead™  However, if you are Dare to Lead™ Trained and based on the discretion of Julia Kerr Henkel, a CDTLF, you may request to be a co-facilitate or assist in future Dare to Lead™  program delivery.

Absolutely! We would love to talk to you about how Dare to Lead™ has been the catalyst for many organisations to change the way they work together. We can run small or large group programs in house and delivered over a period of time. Please contact us and we’ll speak to you about the best way of managing your specific needs.

Not entirely, the Dare to Lead™ curriculum has been amended for use by educators into a program called Daring Classrooms but the focus of this public program training is not specific to the school environment. Julia as a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator is able to run Daring Classrooms in your school, should this be of interest to you.

No, this program is not yet accredited with the ICF or other coaching and healthcare professional bodies. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge you are trained in the Dare to Lead skills set.

    • Tedx Houston Talk 2010: The power of vulnerability, Brené Brown – Ted The Power of Vulnerability
    • Ted Talk 2012 – Listening to shame, Brené Brown – Ted Listening to Shame
    • Netflix TV Special: Brené Brown – A Call to Courage (launched April 2019) – if you don’t have Netflix you can download a 30-day free trial
Details Price Qty
Event Registration R10,434.78 (ZAR)*  

* price does not include taxes

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